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Star2Star / IPitomy / Toshiba

Milcom has partnered with three of the industry leaders  in VoIP technology, Star2Star Communications and IPitomy Communications and Toshiba. Milcom can offer a wide range of products for your VoIP needs, with the every changing landscape of telecommuters and the need for mobility

Star2Star offers equipment ranging from a small business systems to large multi site systems linking all employees to a central location. Star2Star is unparalleled in their redundacy with failover locations throughout the country.


IPitomy is a pure IP telephony – VoIP solution that offers one of the best advanced technology and service at a surprisingly affordable price. IPitomy’s mission is to provide outstanding business communications products for small to midsized businesses. IPitomy’s strategy is to design and manufacture sophisticated products with cutting edge technology and performance that are easy to use and supportable by our channel. IPitomy is sold exclusively through IPitomy dealers who sell, install and service IPitomy installations in the field.

Toshiba offers a wide range of VoIP products, most importantly if you're an existing Toshiba customer the addition of VoIP into your existing system or a minor upgrade to your existing system may be accomplished to add the capability of VoIP. Let us know if you have an exisitng Toshiba system and we'll be able assess your system, and will let you know if the system is capable to integrating VoIP and what the materials and cost will be.

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